Lännen 8800i Rail presented at largest construction fair


The multi-purpose Lännen 8800i Rail backhoe-loader will be presented at the world’s largest trade fair for construction, building material and mining machines and construction vehicles and

equipment—BAUMA 2016 in Munich. The vehicle’s capabilities will be showcased at the Kinshofer FM.613 Hall between April 11 and 17. This was announced by Geotrading AD, the official distributor of Lännen Tractors Oy for Bulgaria.

The Lännen 8800i backhoe-loader has a 4-cylinder, 4.9-L engine, hydrostatic LS Orbitrol steering, LED lights for nighttime work, a cab with a curved windshield, providing maximum visibility to the operator, and cameras making reversing of the machine easy. Rail wheel units are installed at the front and rear ends of the machine. This equipment allows Lännen 8800i Rail to run on tracks without a problem. What sets this vehicle different apart from the standard backhoe-loaders is its special application for overhead contact line replacement work. To this end, except the rail wheel units, Lännen 8800i Rail is also equipped with a hydraulic cable device, rotating at the front, which not only unwinds the new copper wire, but also rewinds the old one onto the reel. In addition to the rail wheel units, the vehicle is equipped with a boom for the installation team’s working platform.

All these and more benefits of the Lännen 8800i Rail will be showcased at BAUMA 2016 by a demo operator. The Fair’s visitors will see for themselves that this multi-purpose vehicle is strong, fast and flexible, with excellent qualities and abilities to deal with challenging tasks even on off-road terrain.

„It is an impressive vehicle, indeed. This year’s BAUMA visitors should definitely go to the Hall of Lännen Tractors Oy, because it is definitely worth seeing,” said the people at Geotrading AD. Lännen 8800i Rail is used in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic states, Russia and Slovenia. The Lännen 8800i backhoe-loader has applications in tunnel and metro construction, and in the mining industry.