LiuGong presents a revolutionary front loader


A revolutionary new product, a front loader with a vertical bucket lift, was presented by Chinese producer of construction and mining equipment LiuGong in the middle of November. The new technology is an incredibly important step not only in LiuGong's development, but for the construction machinery industry as a whole.

The product's main innovations are its vertically-lifting loading booms, which for the first time find application onto a pivot frame, replacing the radial lift which producers used until now. Also a first is the Z-bar mechanical bucket self-levelling system. The vertical lift has been developed as an innovative method for increasing the customer benefits received from purchasing a loader. It underlines the main function of this type of machines, namely load lifting and transport, ensuring opportunities for lifting heavier loads and a greater loading height than standard wheel loaders of similar power and weight.

The reduced working weight of the loader compared to the standard radial lift machine allows for the moving of more material per unit of horse power, thus significantly decreasing the fuel consumption as well. Thus, clients are able to move more loads per hour at a lower initial investment and lower maintenance-and-supply costs than standard technology would require.

Edward Wagner, Chief of New Technologies and Testing at LiuGong, inventor and Chief Engineer of the new technology, states: “This technology will mark the beginning of a new class of machines. This truly innovative vertically lifting loader will be the first one with a pivot frame. We are proud to be the first to develop it, and the first to introduce to the market such a wheel loader with a vertically lifting pivot frame. This technology is universally applicable, with great advantages in efficiency and productivity, and is extremely useful in applications such as goods handling and truck loading.”

The idea of vertical lift technology was born in 2010, and 2011 saw the beginning of  its development. After 4 years of hard work, LiuGong has reached the final improvements phase, where the technology can finally be presented to the public. The new product will be ready for mass production in 2017, with LiuGong planning to implement the technology in all the front loaders it produces.

The new machine, along with the technologies presented within it, place LiuGong among the chief innovators within the field, and state its ambitions to fight for the top spot among the established brands. Now seen are the first fruits born from the investments made by LiuGong into research and development. The coming future is sure to reveal even more innovations by the company. In 2015, it opened the biggest research and development facility in China, with investments into it reaching 50 million USD.