Geotrading AD is the exclusive distributor of 5 Župa Kruševac chemical products


Geotrading AD received the exclusive rights to market two more chemical reagents produced by the Serbian plant Župa Kruševac, owned by BIN COMMERCE doo. Starting in January 2019, Geotrading AD offers exclusively on the territory of Bulgaria potassium ethyl xanthate and potassium isobutyl xanthate. Geotrading AD has also been the exclusive distributor on the territory of Bulgaria for potassium amyl xanthate, potassium butyl xanthate and sodium isopropyl xanthate since the spring of 2018. Thus, the company has the exclusive rights to offer 5 types of chemical reagents on the Bulgarian market.

The Serbian plant Župa Kruševac is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world. The production process uses high-quality European raw materials, certified by leading laboratories, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the xanthate products meet the strictest quality requirements.