Geotrading AD welcomes dual-training interns


Students from Etropole’s Todor Peev Professional High School took part in a test internship arranged under a partnership agreement between the school and the GEOTECHMIN Group companies Ellatzite Med AD, Geotrading AD and Geostroy AD, part of a project titled Support for the Dual-Training System.

The students were enrolled in their school’s Electrical Installations and Road Construction Equipment courses. They were welcomed by Yana Stoyanova, Human Resource Expert at Geotrading, who told them they had made a good choice: “The companies’ Human Resource departments will play a major role in your lives going forward. Human Resource experts will be just as important as your teachers were for all the choices you’ve made so far. We’ll be there for you whenever you have questions.”

During the test internship, the students had the chance to learn some interesting facts about the company’s business. Some of them are children or grandchildren of GEOTECHMIN Group’s employees and wanted to follow in their parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps, while others were first introduced to the jobs they were studying for.

Francheska Lazarova and Emil Tsvetanov, 8-graders in the Electrical Installations class, found that course of study fascinating. “I chose this profession, because I would like to work as an electrician in one of these three GEOTECHMIN Group companies after I graduate,” said Emil.

This face-to-face meeting was both exciting and valuable for all these young people and their teachers. For most students, the dual-training form is a chance to jump start their successful careers right after they graduate from high school.

Ellatzite Med AD, Geotrading AD and Geostroy AD run their joint project in support of dual training, giving the young people the opportunity to make the first steps in their career development as early as school age. For the GEOTECHMIN Group companies, it is also a part of their corporate social responsibility in the regions where they operate.