Two ProAuto service centres completed Geotrading AD’s full customer-service circle. At the Sofia and Etropole  centres, the customers can not only buy all the products offered by the company, but also receive quality service for their passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, trailers, semitrailers and construction equipment.

Professional sales teams are available at both centres to provide advice on any purchase of car tires, spare parts, construction and mining equipment, fuel and lubricants, etc.

The centres’ services include:

  • oil and filter replacement;
  • drivetrain and braking system repair;
  • computer-based diagnostics and electrical system repair;
  • tire replacement and repair;
  • passenger car, light and heavy truck geometry adjustment;
  • air-conditioner diagnostics and refilling;
  • engine, gearbox and differential repair.

The stylish ProAuto—Sofia showroom displays also some of the brand products, offered by Geotrading AD. In addition, each customer can receive a special pricing offer and/or professional advice, personally or on the phone.

The multipurpose ProAuto—Etropole centre is equipped with a gas station, car wash, store, automobile repair shop and warehousing facility for fuels, lubricants, tires, spare parts, and supplies. Except service, the centre also provides annual technical inspections (ATI) on-site. ProAuto—Etropole has its own restaurant, hotel and parking area for the customers.

In addition to both stationary service centres, Geotrading AD also has mobile teams. Our teams provide the fastest possible on-site construction equipment repairs.

If you have any questions about the ProAuto service centres, please, feel free to contact us at:

101 Samokovsko Shose Str., Gorublyane, Sofia
tel.: +359 2 904 25 25

196 Ruski Blvd.
tel.: +359 879 800 781