260 kids competed in Geotrading Rally 2019


260 kids competed in Geotrading Rally 2019. Geotrading AD organised two celebrations to mark Children’s Day – one in Sofia on June 1 and one in Etropole on June 2, once again inviting all GEOTECHMIN employees’ children to party together. This year’s celebrations were part of the events commemorating Ellatzite-Med’s 44th anniversary and its 20th year as part of the GEOTECHMIN Group.

The participants in the Sofia and Etropole races were divided into eight teams. Each team chose their own name and battle cry. The teams had a special platform where they had to build their car, decorate it nicely and then run a race where one kid pulls the car while the other rides in it. Some parents, reminiscing of their childhood, actively participated in the building and decorating of the cars.

The teams had to compete in fun games to win the parts for their cars. The games were designed to test the youngsters’ various skills. They showed their dexterity and accuracy in a beach towel volleyball game. Synergy was of utmost importance when the teams had to walk with wooden skis on. Some of the kids demonstrated their leadership skills with their teams taking the track by storm.

The youngest ones didn’t miss out on the fun. They could play bowling, play a foot piano on the ground, jump on a trampoline or use their imagination to make their own cardboard cars. Thanks to the artists Tinkerbell and the Dinosaur, some of the kids were transformed into Spiderman, Zoro, butterflies, ladybugs, love fairies, etc.

The celebration ended with the eight teams competing in couples, each with their own self-built car. The winners moved on to the semi-final and then to the final itself. Speed was not the only factor in the race. Just as in a real rally, the winner had to cross the finish line with their car intact so the construction had to be sound and resilient.

The Geotechmin team was the fastest one in Sofia, the Brave Girls and the Skeletons taking second and third places respectively. The girls prove that they are not to be undermined by the boys’ teams, reaching the final and finishing close second.

Even the rain did not prevent kids and parents from celebrating in Etropole. They ran the race on a wet track. Team Deni took first place, the Purple team took second and the Invincible team overcame all challenges to join top three and finish third. Everyone followed the June 2 tradition of commemorating Hristo Botev with a minute of silence.

The winners in both races stepped on the podium and were awarded well-deserved golden, silver and bronze Geotrading Rally 2019 medals by the company’s team, just as in a real race. To make the holiday unforgettable, Geotrading AD gave presents to all the children in Sofia and Etropole.