INE-FLOW high performance polyurethane screening meshes


The INE-FLOW screening meshes, made of Inaprene® polyurethane and patented by the Spanish company Inelas Poliuretanos, have higher performance and up to 10 times longer life compared to the steel ones.

INE-FLOW screening meshes have a large open area and may be customised for each customer’s operational specifics. Polyurethane screens are easy to install and maintenance-free. This was announced by Geotrading AD—the exclusive distributor of the Inelas Poliuretanos products for the territories of the Republic of Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia.

INE-FLOW screening meshes are highly resistant to abrasion, hydrolysis, weather impact, ozone and microorganisms, as well as to diluted acids, oils, petrol, etc. They are also extremely flexible, even at high hardness and low temperature, have good tensile strength, shear and cut resistance.

INE-FLOW screening meshes have embedded steel fibres increasing their stress resistance. The screening meshes are not easily plugged and are specially designed to screen materials with high moisture and clay content.

Geotrading AD’s partnership with the Spanish manufacturer Inelas Poliuretanos allows it to satisfy every customer’s need for a delivery of fully customised polyurethane parts.