About 10% lower prices for Belshina truck tires


The Belshina truck tire prices are now about 10% lower, and those of the agricultural tires—up to 25% lower. This was announced by the Belarus brand’s authorised representative for Bulgaria and Greece and dealer for Albania and Turkey—Geotrading AD. The company provides 1 year warranty for tread wear and up to 5 years for manufacturing defects on all tires from the Belarus manufacturer—truck, industrial, agricultural or passenger car.

The Belshina truck tires have sizes between 20 and 24 inches. They are suitable for all types of heavy trucks, for the Russian GAZ, MAZ, KRAZ, KAMAZ, LIAZ, URAL vehicles and their equivalents, as well as for buses. After the launch of the new truck-tire production lines at the Belarus factory, they have a higher quality and larger production runs to meet the demand of even more customers worldwide.

Except truck and agricultural tires, Geotrading AD also offers Belshina industrial tires. They are suitable for road-construction and industrial vehicles and are one of the main components of trucks working in quarries, mines and construction sites. The dumpers’ operating conditions are different and depend on the vehicle type, road condition and weather.

The Belshina OTR tires comply with the international standards on internal pressure, bearing capacity, outside diameter and width. They easily meet the requirements of the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation) standard.

At the Belarus factory, the quality is controlled throughout the production cycle, starting with the acceptance of raw materials, which are tested by a special accredited laboratory. At the next stage, the production and the semi-finished products are strictly monitored. Finally, 100% of the finished tires are tested in a testing plant under the respective requirements. All tire types—for agricultural vehicles, trucks, dumpers, road construction vehicles, buses and passenger cars— are with patented designs and appearances.

The Belarus manufacturer Belshina makes more than 300 types of tires with different sizes for trucks, powerful dumpers, industrial and road-construction vehicles, buses, tractors and other agricultural vehicles, and passenger cars. Almost 90% of Belshina’s tires are radial. The quality equipment used to manufacture the tires and the highly skilled production staff guarantee the quality of the products with the Belshina brand. They are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.