Lännen 8800i—the hero of Off Road Show & Expo


The Lännen 8800i multipurpose backhoe and its operator Veselin Dakov became the heroes of the Off Road Show & Expo race, held on June 18 and 19, behind the Sofia Ring Mall. During its two days at the races, the wheeled powerhouse was used more than 25 times to pull out SUVs stuck in the racetrack.

The very first racer got stuck at The Esses (the S-shaped curve) and the pilot and navigator chose to call the Lännen 8800i to the rescue. Next, the backhoe had to pull vehicles out of the natural gully and the 5-meter deep hole, filled with almost a meter of water.
During the two days of the event, the powerful backhoe and its operator came to the rescue of many off-road racers, as the mud was menacingly swallowing the lower half of their SUVs. Using a rope, attached to a single tooth of the front or rear bucket, following the judges’ instructions, the operator Veselin Dakov was deftly pulling the stuck SUVs from the courses.
“Vesko is the real deal. He and his backhoe were always on the case, these two days. They were pulling all 23 stuck drivers out of the areas,” said Valeri Biserov, the race’s Chief Judge.
Loved by racers and judges, Lännen 8800i and its operator were showstoppers for the audience as well. The impressive vehicle stood parked on three tires at one time, while moments later the operator Veselin Dakov had to show some top steering skill between the areas to rescue stuck racing off-roaders.
Geotrading AD provided this unique Finnish backhoe to dig out the racetrack, pull out stuck SUVs and restore the grounds after the event. As a sponsor, the company awarded Rymax lubricants to the six teams finishing in the top three in the Standard and Modified classes—to help them perform even better next time.
Geotrading AD had its own promotional booth at the Off Road Show & Expo, presenting the operations of its ProAuto service centres and the Dutch Rymax lubricants.
The company’s tight-knit event team was also involved in the show. The ProAuto by Geotrading team took part in the neutral-gear truck towing race, while two salespeople showed top driving skills with a bucket of water on the hood.