Geotrading AD Supported Treasure Hunt, an Event for Children


Geotrading AD supported Treasure Hunt, an adventure game for children. The initiative was co-organised by the BBC Knowledge magazine and the National Museum of Natural History in partnership with the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. Prizes for the curious adventurers were provided by the Chamber’s member companies, Geotrading AD being one of them.

On 1st and 2nd of December, dozens of children took the opportunity to have fun on the National Museum of Natural History’s own Treasure Island. Armed with a map of knowledge guiding them through secret routes in the museum, children were tasked with discovering pirates’ codes and finding their treasure. Deciphering the codes and following the route was no trouble for the adventurers, who were able to reach the finish line thanks to their great ambition and enthusiasm. Of course, presents awaited them there.

At the finish line, children learned about the activities of the Chamber of Mining’s member companies, as well as the variety of applications that minerals have in our everyday life. The kids were indeed very knowledgeable and gave impeccable answers to questions about the uses of minerals. To commemorate their adventure, all participants and their parents took photos with the safety helmets used by employees of the companies when they work.