The Management of Geotrading AD is aware that its customers, the state and society require effective measures to continuously improve the quality of our products and services to ensure a clean environment as well as healthy and safe working conditions.

The world is changing exceptionally fast. Therefore, for business to be successful, it must grow with the dynamics of new discoveries and technologies and have a clear perspective for the future. The priorities of a company shape its corporate values and define its long-term development plan.

Geotrading AD has a long-term mission and a development concept. They serve as benchmarks for the achievement of the company objectives:

Our mission and vision for the future is: "Quality of supply management tailored to benefit the community and the environment provided by healthy and motivated people, living in a clean environment."

The management of Geotrading AD, in support of its strategic orientation and with the participation of its staff, defined and documented this Policy, which contains the main goals, guidelines and obligations of the company relating to the conformity of products and services as well as ensuring healthy and safe working conditions and environmental protection. This policy is in conformity with the context of quality and the environment of the organization’s work, including the nature, scale and environmental and health impact of the products manufactured and services provided by us. This Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated and will be available to all interested parties so that they could remain aware of their obligations in regard to quality, environment as well as health and safety at work; 


My personal commitment and responsibility:

To ensure the requisite financial and human resources to implement, maintain and continually improve the Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work Management System, according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards;

To conduct reviews of the quality, environmental as well as health and safety at work objectives, and assess the extent to which they have been reached;

To conduct regular reviews of the policy and its objectives in order to ensure that it would remain adequate and appropriate for our organization;


The management of Geotrading AD takes full responsibility for safety and health, as defined in the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as in the applicable Bulgarian legislation in the field of the environment and quality of the products and services offered;

Geotrading AD strives to work with its partners to ensure a high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe and healthy working environment.

Geotrading AD strives to carry out its core activities of:

Sales, deliveries and intermediary services of: mining, construction, road building machinery; trucks, spare parts, consumables and equipment for construction and road building machinery and for the mining industry (including running gear); bearings, , rubber belt conveyors, polyurethane products; tires, fuels, motor oils and chemicals, greases, working fluids and coolants, bitumen for road works, storage batteries, nitrates, hydrated lime, flotation reagents for mineral processing.

by ensuring, as a minimum, full compliance with the legal, customer and other requirements and the obligations on environmental protection adopted in the organization and, where practically reasonable, by exceeding them.

To this end, Geotrading AD regularly assesses its compliance with these requirements through determining the impact of environmental aspects, the company products, processes and activities on the environment, as well as on health and safety at work, by keeping documented information of its compliance.

We guarantee the achievement of sustainable growth by managing risks and opportunities within the organization that relate to business processes, the important aspects of the environment as well as health and safety at work.

We have achieved significant improvement in the company’s financial performance by introducing an integrated management system.

By the implementation and operation of the Integrated Management System, including the quality management systems –ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 – environmental management; ISO 45001:2018 – health and safety at work, the management is committed to bringing information concerning the above requirements to the knowledge of the entire personnel and of all parties, interested in the activity of the organization in due course.

By taking its responsibility for continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work Management System, the management of Geotrading AD declares the following guiding principles:

  1. Systematic assessment and management of risks and opportunities – the management of risks and opportunities is a priority activity at the enterprise as a means of prevention and sustainable development for the company. Risk management includes systematic identification and assessment of risks and opportunities, related to business processes, the significant environmental aspects and the risks related to health and safety at work, as well as the application of measures for bringing them under control and keeping them within the limits established by normative and other requirements accepted voluntarily.
  2. Customer orientation- the activity of the company depends primarily on its customers and therefore our goal is to make their needs as clear as possible, fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations. We are aware of our responsibility and we guarantee that all company processes and activities are constantly monitored in order to deliver a high-quality product and to provide quality service by limiting adverse environmental impacts, and this includes pollution prevention as well as ensuring the best conditions for safety and health at work. We achieve these goals through adequate identification of environmental aspects, risk assessment and management;
  3. Leadership– the management realizes and takes its responsibility, leading by personal example in contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety at Work Management System. It promotes the understanding and support of environmental policy by staff throughout the organization. The Management guarantees that all persons working for or on behalf of the organization as well as those whose work is associated with significant aspects and risks related to health and safety at work, and to the quality of services or products offered, shall receive appropriate training regarding the obligations on environmental protection and the applicable legislation and other requirements on quality and health and safety adopted by the organization on the related corporate standards applicable to them, and the consequences of not fulfilling the applicable requirements;
  4. Employee involvement– the Management seeks to ensure the unity of its objectives on quality, environment, and health and safety at work by creating and maintaining a tranquil and comfortable environment where employees can feel involved and motivated to achieve the above;
  5. Process and systems approach– the processes of creating the product, of protecting the environment, and ensuring health and safety at work are interrelated and therefore considered and managed as a system rather than independently;
  6. Continuous improvement- a main objective of the Integrated System is to ensure, through continuous monitoring and surveillance, the prevention of environmental pollution, the reduction of disease and workplace accident hazards as well as effective improvement of performance in terms of quality, environment, health and safety at work by taking appropriate and effective corrective and preventive measures;
  7. Fact-based approach to decision making– the system of internal and external communication (including conduct of regular management system audits, Management reviews), document and records management as well as consideration of issues concerning compliance and any changes occurring in the applicable requirements as to the environment and health and safety at work, create opportunities for making decisions based on the most up-to-date data and information;
  8. Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers– the company and its suppliers are interdependent and all business and trade relations with them are based on honesty, loyalty and mutual benefit, which includes, in addition to product quality, ensuring of environmental protection, health and safety at work;
  9. Environmental protection, including pollution prevention:
  • Systematic identification and assessment of the environmental aspects in the various lines of activity and planning and effectively carrying out corporate environmental monitoring as well as implementation of a preventive approach to environmental protection;
  • Controlling and minimizing the adverse environmental impact of the processes, activities, the primary and raw materials used or offered by us on the market;
  • The environmental impact of the products offered by us is mainly related to the manufacturing of packaging. The company has introduced an environmentally friendly system of collection and re-working of tires at the end of their life cycle, aiming to increase their reuse and thereby to minimize the hazards for human life and health, and to offer quality products and services, too.
  • As regards the production of hydraulic hoses and the services of tire mounting, dismounting and vulcanization, the generation of waste in the process of operational, repair and auxiliary activities is unavoidable and therefore low-waste technology has been introduced at Geotrading, which reduces waste to the minimum.
  • We are offering our customers high-quality liquid fuels in order to reduce their CO2
  1. Ensuring health and safety at work– the Management has taken and is taking measures to prevent injuries and diseases of persons working under the supervision of Geotrading AD in their offices, manufacturing facilities or outdoor workplaces. To ensure the above, the Management takes the following actions:
  • Identifying hazard systematically , reviewing risk assessment and, following these,  taking  subsequent control measures during work in accordance with the applicable legislation on health and safety at work in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Providing of advice, briefings and training to our staff and partners on company contracts on health and safety at work;
  • Monitoring and planning of preventive measures to reduce and eliminate the risks of employees’ life and health as well as to improve working conditions;
  • Effective prevention and medical care for all workers;
  • Control to ensure unconditional compliance with the requirements for safety and health at work by staff, business partners and visitors of the company premises;

By applying these principles, the Management is committed to adhere to the Policy through the following common goals, which serve as a basis for specific measurable objectives that are evaluated and updated annually:

  1. Geotrading AD customers and partners should remain satisfied with the overall cooperation(this requires reacting as quickly as possible to their requests, providing them with the best price-quality ratio, ensuring product conformity with relevant standards and regulations, reducing health and safety hazards at work, reducing environmental hazards arising from used and sold (raw) materials, energy, water, emissions and waste, as well as offering highly polite and professional expertise).
  2. Geotrading AD employees should arrive to work with a smile(this requires recruitment of ambitious and responsible people who examine applicable legal standards regarding quality, the environment and health and safety at work, and comply with them; who do their job with pleasure; who receive the most adequate reward for their work, and have their ideas heard and appreciated);
  3. The corporate responsibility of Geotrading AD for the environment and people - all company projects must be in line with what goes to the benefit of the community and nature, and ensures appropriate working environment, initiative needs to be taken to improve their status;
  4. Corporate values:
  • honesty and loyaltyto the company, customers and partners;
  • responsibilityfor actions and their long-term effect;
  • the company'sambitionto become a market leader;
  • professionalism and dedicationto work;
  • continuous maintenance and improvementof the Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management system by increasing the personal commitment and responsibility of company employees and senior management for the systematic assessment of environmental aspects and risks and development and implementation of programs for their elimination and/or minimization as well as periodic performance evaluation on the basis of these.

The Management guarantees that the aforementioned principles and common goals have been brought to the attention of all company employees as well as of the external stakeholders in order for them to understand their contribution and importance to the company, and to aim to work in accordance with these goals and principles while performing their duties at their respective workplaces.

The Management of Geotrading AD is committed to maintaining an effective quality, environment, and health and safety at work management system by evaluating and updating it in a planned and regular way, if necessary. It is committed to identifying any reasons for non-conformity or non-compliance (and the foreseeable potential non-conformity or non-compliance), to take immediate action to identify, implement and monitor corrective measures and to take steps towards the system’s continuous improvement, as well as to provide all necessary resources for documenting, operating, maintaining and continuously improving the Integrated Management System.


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