Fuels and Lubricants

Geotrading AD sells fuel, lubricants, processed and raw materials for civil engineering and road construction.
The company offers a variety of brands and prices in different segments:

    • Fuel;
    • Road bitumen;
    • Lubricants and special liquids;
    • Heating gas;
    • Construction materials;
    • Reagents for the mining industry.

Since 2008, Geotrading AD manufactures its own ProAuto brand of lubricants intended for cars, heavy trucks, specialised, construction, and mining equipment. The company offers ProAuto engine, hydraulic, gear oils and greases manufactured from specially selected high-quality raw materials.

Wholesale and retail fuel deliveries were among the first of Geotrading AD’s lines of business. The company is selling the following fuel types:

    • Diesel blend with 6% biodiesel;
    • Gasoline;
    • Fuel oil;
    • Kerosene;
    • Gas oil.

Geotrading AD has its own tankers and a team of professionals. Thanks to its proven successful logistical practices over the years, the company is able to meet the specific fuel-delivery needs of its customers anytime.

In addition, Geotrading AD’s sales portfolio includes special liquids such as antifreeze, washer fluid, greases and other products.
All lubricants and special liquids, distributed by Geotrading AD, are used in the service operations of ProAuto centres.

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