Spare parts and Supplies sales

Geotrading AD provides all types of spare parts for the mining, construction and agricultural industries. Among the company’s customers are the largest extraction facilities in the country.

Geotrading AD’s spare parts catalogue includes the following brands:

  • RKB—the Swiss manufacturer has more than 70 years of experience on this market, providing a wide range of deep groove bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical and taper roller bearings; RKB also manufacturers customised bearings per customer’s specifications;
  • SF-Filter—the Swiss company offers more than 30,000 types of filters for the automotive and processing industries;
  • Inelas PoliuretanosGeotrading AD is the exclusive representative of the products of this Spanish manufacturer of polyurethane parts under the inaprene® trademark for the territories of Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia. Inelas Poliuretanos’ technology also allows manufacturing of customised parts per customers’ specifications;
  • Continental—the rubber conveyor belts of this Slovakian company are used in the ore enrichment, extraction, road construction and agricultural industries;
  • Hensley—the XS excavation tool system is patented and offers an impressive list of benefits, such as high strength, retainer reusability, reversible tooth, quick replacement, consistent hardness through the tooth and better penetration;
  • SHAREATE TOOLS LTD. - a globally recognized Chinese manufacturer of products widely used in the mining industry: rock drilling tools, tricone drilling bits and spare parts for drilling rigs. The company has the necessary know-how and technology for the production of tungsten carbide buttons used in the manufacture of rock drilling tools.

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