Geotrading AD offers the Davanti Wintoura range of winter tyres


Geotrading AD offers the Davanti Wintoura range of winter tyres on the Bulgarian market for the 2022−2023 season. These tyres are becoming more and more popular since their launch 5 years ago. Geotrading AD believes it is because of their excellent price/road performance ratio.

Four different designs with sizes between 14" and 22" are available in the Wintoura range. There’s a Wintoura suitable for every customer and every vehicle. In addition to its general-purpose Wintoura tyre, Davanti also offers the Wintoura+, which is a special sports car version, the Wintoura SUV is designed for the larger family vehicles, and the Wintoura Van model is the company’s commercial van offering.

All four models have different tread designs, each improving the tyre’s performance on wet roads, on ice and snow.

With Wintoura tyres steering is easier and stopping is in low-grip conditions. The Wintoura+ has a special tread designed to improve the wet performance of high-powered vehicles, while the Wintoura SUV is engineered for optimal steering at higher loads. The design of the Wintoura Van tyres also improves the driver’s control over a heavily loaded vehicle in cold weather and at the same time increases the tyre’s wear resistance and mileage to reduce the cost per kilometre.

The key factor for Wintoura’s performance is its advanced silicon composition formulated to maintain the tyre’s flexibility and strength when the average temperatures fall below 7 °C. All Wintoura models bear the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking, feature wide grooves, carefully designed sipes and lugs to maximise water and snow displacement and improve the grip.

“Wintoura tyres are important for users in all markets where the average winter temperatures fall to single digits or lower,” Davanti explains and adds: “Safety comes first in everything Davanti Tyres does.”

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