Geotrading AD presents the electric scooters of the Spanish brand Silence at Moto Expo 2022


The stall of Silence at Moto Expo 2022 was an attraction not only for all those who want to move quickly and economically without polluting the environment, but also for representatives of the business in urban supply and shared mobility.

The official distributor of the brand for Bulgaria, Geotrading AD, presented both the premium model Silence S01, which is competitive with gasoline scooters in terms of its features and capabilities, and the various versions of the popular model S02, which is among the bestsellers on the European market.* The visitors found the removable lithium-ion battery exceptionally attractive. It can be recharged from an ordinary mains outlet at home or in the office. Depending on its capacity, 2 kWh or 5.6 kWh, the mileage can reach 149 km. The model S02 in its moped version, whose maximum speed is 45 km/h, also attracted the interest of the visitors.

The full range of Silence e-scooters is on display in the official showroom located in the ProAuto Multifunctional Complex in Sofia at 459 Okolovrasten pat Street. Test drive models are also available.

Additional information about Silence electric scooters can be found at,as well as on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the brand for Bulgaria.

*Based on data provided by Scutum Logistic S.L.