Geotrading AD’s scholarship students started their summer internship


At the beginning of August students at the Sv. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology, participants in the Scholarship Programme of the GEOTECHMIN Group, started their paid internship at Geotrading AD. The company gave them one-year scholarships for the 2020/2021 school year. The students have the opportunity to learn from the best experts in the field of trade in different motor vehicles, their diagnostics, repair and maintenance, as well as in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

“We are very pleased that the Geotrading interns this year turned out to be very ambitious people with a clear purpose who want to gain knowledge and practical experience in a real work environment. Our experts will help them apply academic theory to practice,” Yana Stoyanova, HR expert, said.

The students take the internship extremely seriously and complete the assigned tasks with great enthusiasm. Martina Zaharieva who is currently a fourth-year student in the specialty of Resource and Manufacturing System Management at the University of Mining and Geology shares: “I am extremely happy that I have the opportunity to learn new things in a real work environment. For me the internship at Geotrading is a great start to my professional development”.

Ivaylo Ivanov is studying Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment at the University of Mining and Geology and is doing his internship at the modernly equipped ProAuto service centers in Sofia and Etropole. “I am extremely glad that Bulgarian business provides students with the opportunity to see the work process at first hand. Moreover, here I met amazing experts who are more than ready to share their knowledge and experience. I am happy that I will learn so much new information about the MTU engines,” Ivaylo says.

In September, Dilyana Zhavova, a student in the specialty of Ecology and Environmental Protection at the University of Mining and Geology, shall also start her internship at Geotrading AD. The company appoints professionals with extensive experience in the respective fields to mentor each intern.

Geotrading AD, together with the companies Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD and Geostroy AD, gives one-year scholarships to excellent students at the Sofia University of Mining and Geology. For the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 school years a total of 37 scholarships were awarded. The awarded young people also do a paid internship at the companies for 3 months. In this way the GEOTECHMIN Group companies give them the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience with the help of established professionals, to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the industry and to find a potential professional development path.